Why Security Holograms?

Hologram – the mark of authenticity

Holograms cannot be copied by conventional reprographic means (copiers or scanners and printers). Their effects cannot be reproduced or simulated by conventional printing or finishing techniques. The skills, technology and investment involved in their design, origination and manufacture ensures that their production is beyond the reach of most would-be counterfeiters, while even the most determined forgers will be unlikely to produce holograms that are effective and accurate copies of the original.

Holograms are also highly versatile. They can be applied cost-effectively to a wide variety of substrates and products as part of conventional printing, packaging and labeling processes. While they are essentially overt features that can be recognized and verified by the public, they can also be integrated with other security technologies – inks, taggants, numbering, RFID etc - to provide multi-layered security solutions combining overt and covert security with track and trace capabilities.

As a result, holograms are widely used on all manner of security documents including banknotes, personal identification documents such as passports and ID cards, fiscal stamps, tickets, vouchers, cheques, payment cards etc. They are also used to protect branded goods from counterfeiting, adulteration, substitution and parallel trading, featuring on many of the world’s leading brands of pharmaceuticals, IT products, automotive components, luxury and consumer goods.

What is Hologram?

A hologram is made not by engraving or some special kind of ink as is commonly supposed, but by sophisticated technology known as laser optics through the intricate and complex process called holographic recording with the aid of light from a specialized laser.

The holograms are made of discrete holographic diffraction gratings, which can illuminate at different angles under any type of natural or artificial light. It diffracts seven colors of the spectrum giving it an extraordinary visual appeal.

Further “the depth effect” or “the 3 dimensional effects” can also be observed through naked eyes and there is no need of any mechanical means to see the depth. If you require, certain Micro-text can be added in the hologram, which will be visible through a magnifying glass only. Also holograms are 100% tamper-proof in nature and any attempt made to remove it from the surface where it has been affixed once will damage the hologram. So it cannot be reused in any way and it act as a full proof of SECURITY SEAL.

A product of sophisticated technology of Laser Optics a hologram is a visual medium providing a high potential in 3D making it instantly recognizable to the naked eye and uniquely resistant to counterfeiting.

Another advantage of using a hologram is that, it cannot be duplicated or copied as compared to any other kind of printing where similar kind of labels can be reproduced easily. So, to have a Hypertech Hologram on your product, packaging or document is protection enough to ensure authenticity and everything that will result in.

Holograms are also very cost-effective when produced in volumes-just a small fraction of packaging costs of branded product. Moreover, the savings by way of protection of the branded products against imitations and the documents against forgery, far exceed the nominal cost of this protection


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