Brand Protection

Rapidly developing technologies mean forgers can produce increasingly authentic-looking fakes. With growing global business, piracy has become extremely profitable for organized crime. If your company falls victim to piracy, you will find its harmful effect everyday – falling sales, loss of market share and loss of your competitive edge. This is necessarily a gradual process during which the protection of your brand against spurious duplicates and imitations is of vital importance. This is where Hypertech Holograms come in, providing an umbrella of security required by your brand from the time of its launch.

Use of security holograms has been identified as the most economical weapon to fight duplication and counterfeits world over. This is the reason at present most of the passports, currencies, visas, university certificates, driving licenses, tax labels, credit cards, etc., are having holograms.

Affixing a security hologram on a branded product, either on the product itself or on its packaging helps the buyer to distinguish the GENUINE product from spurious duplicates, imitations and clones as security holograms are virtually impossible to replicate.

Research has established that security holograms affixed on branded products / documents create a feeling of confidence in the minds of the consumers at large and reinforce their faith in the genuineness of the branded products and original documents thus contribute to the building up of a positive image.


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